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IMG_20130628_130454Whats up I know its been a bit since my last post. I have been working on a small company to put out some of my artwork ,tees ,and hopefully decks soon I figure its no big deal easy right? What I didn’t know is there is alot of work that goes into starting a small company. I learned you need money ha who would of thought it takes money to make money. So I gathered a little cash bought a domain name . Ok check thats done hmm whats next oh wait you have to get it legit. ok oh register it so your legal no biggie done. You come up with designs that you hope are cool but only half listen to your friends because they will back you 100% show someone that doesnt quite have a hey your awesome everytime . once you get the feel of what people seem to like and don’t start saving or get funded and get some gear done . Phew thats done oh wait put it on the web and wait but do not get discouraged if it doesn’t sell right away you have to promote it that is the key never give up. I never realized what most companies go through to get where they are now. I now have a new found respect for them . There is a lot of time ,money ,and sleepless nights trying to get just a small one up. The thing that sucks is you want to hook everyone up talk about how hard it is not too. The thing about that is then you can’t keep the company going if you do that . What people don’t understand is the money comes from somewhere like me I work 40hours a week and pay my bills and put whatever I can into it to keep it going. People don’t realize that and just want free stuff all the time which sucks because they dont realize I sometimes don’t eat to produce tees or art pieces to sell to keep it alive. Then you got the people that do understand and will pay the full amount and don’t think twice which I do to my friends companies because I know how hard they worked for it. Sure its great to hook someone up and  when I get big enough I hope I can. The reason I started a company was the love for skateboarding and hoping one day I can give back to skateboarding. The main reason to this  is to say that its not easy and  support skateboard companies they worked hard to get where they are at.  Blade-

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