Summer ’14 Review


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This is when companies drop their hottest products for the summer like shoes, hardgoods, and etc.  Over at True Skateboard Mag, we got a chance to see some the products that Enjoi, HUF, Silver Trucks, O’Neill, and much more is dropping at your local shop this summer



Syndrome Dist. Review:




BLVD Skateboard is a company that is built by some respected skateboarders “Danny Montoya, Rob Gonzalez, Danny Supa, Rodrigo Peterson, Danny Cerezini, Daniel Lebron, and much more” in the industry. BLVD dropped this new series called “City Scapes” for the summer





FKD is built by the highest quality components “armor shields, honed races, precision cages and steel balls”. One of the nice things about FKD, you will never have to use WD40 anymore cause it comes with speed lube





The Silver M-Class trucks have a strong construction that is built to stand the impact  of jumping down 50 stairs. They easily meets and exceeds the high impact demands of a skateboard truck. Plus, it comes with 8 different colors to match your outfit or your board



HUF Footwear:


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This summer, HUF dropped some new color ways and why not do it with their pro shoes “Joey Pepper with a Camo style and Peter Ramondetta with a light grey / cream gum”. Its going to be a  hot summer this year, why not rock a Memphis or a Brotherhood tank to keep you fresh during the summer



AJ’S Toy Boarders:


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I remember when I was a little git, I use to play with arm men and use to blow them up with fireworks. Now, you got plastic skateboarders with 8 different poses “Smith, ollie, manual, and etc”  You can build yourself a cardboard skate park and use them to shred the park. If your a collector these are good to have on your self or if you have a younger brotha hook him up with a package



O’Neill sunglasses:




If we are going to the beach, skateboarding, or just straight chilling with a cold beverage we do need to keep the sun out of our eyes or look at that hottie walking down the strip. O”Neill been in the surf & skate market for some many years by making some boardshorts and building a solid surf & skate team. So why not jump into the sunglass market and they did by changing the sunglass world with a  polycarbonate lenses, scratch resistant lenses, gradient coating and much more



Corpse Corps:


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Corpse Corps has been shredding the east coast with their coffin style boards. I got a chance to get hold of one and let me say they are pretty bad ass. Be on the look-out for their popstick boards that are hitting the sizzling streets this summer 



Pig Wheels Review:


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Pig Wheels has been running the skate world for along time and building a solid team too. They dropped some new cores that have a softer duro for the core for increased shock absorbition. So, if  your about to jump down that 12 and need something to protect those bearings, make sure you have these wheels on your stick. If your into rails on your board pick make sure you grab your set of Pig rails



Enjoi & Tensor Review:


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If you haven’t riden a resin – 7 construction ( with epoxy ) your missing out on crisp pops and stronger a board that is a 100% canuck maple. I got a chance to get my hands on a Tensor Magnesium Trucks, all I can say “Holy Shit”. When they say they are the lightest, grind smooth and strong, they aren’t bull shitting.  They claim they are guaranteed for life we will see if they are



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