On October 2nd, the Galen Center at USC in Los Angeles held the 7th annual Street League Super Crown. All weekend both the women and men were strategically shredding the symmetrical course, perfect for both regular and goofy footers.  The rails were mellow but also long which made for some technical maneuvers.  The ‘big section’ was a mix of launching off a bump over a gap to the flat, bump-to-rail and some even braved the bump over the rail-to-flat.  The quarter pipe section allowed skaters to show off their transition skills, which featured a 16ft channel gap — the largest in Street League history.
The women started off the event for a sold out crowd.  Alexis Sablone kick-flipped her way into 3rd place, and also into 50-50s down the long 4-stair hubba.  Leticia Bufoni gave it her all and won 2nd place by 360 flipping up the gap and launching huge 180’s to flat.  On her last attempt at best trick, Leticia committed 100% to a gap to lipslide but took a heavy slam.  Luckily, medics onsite were able to tend to her right away and she was swiftly taken to the hospital.. after 
signaling to the crowd she was okay with a thumbs up.
As they say, the show must go on and Lacey Baker’s consistency and technicality earned her the Women’s Super Crown World Championship.
Next up was the men’s competition and the rookie pro, Chris Joslin, made history with back-to-back 9 club scores in the ‘run section’.  Fans jumped and cheered with disbelief as he went on to obtain another 9 club in the best trick section with an alley-oop backside ollie to fakie over the channel.  Cody McEntire took 3rd with his signature switch kickflip and nollie big-spin over the gap-to-flat.  Nyjah Huston took 2nd with a gnarly kickflip front board on the gap-to-rail.  It seemed like everyone was getting 9 club scores!  With all the crazy tricks going down, Shane O’Neill pulled out his arsenal and delivered four 9 club scores making him the 2016 Street League Super Crown World Champion and winner of Diamond Supply Co. Best Trick Competition. 

This year was definitely something to remember.  Congrats to all the skaters who came out to shred, everyone killed it!  – TS