Street League LA 2015 Recap

Last Thrus, we got a email from Street League inviting us to cover the event over the weekend, we was stoked.  On Friday morning, we packed the van  with the gear and head over to LA for media day.  We got stuck in the LA traffic but we finally got to LA. We pulled up in the parking garage, rolled a spliff, grabbed our gear and cruise over to Street League. There was ton of kids out there skating around or just hanging out hoping to get a glimpse of a Pro.  We checked in, gave some high-fives to the staff and walked to the course.  Only person out on the course was Evan Smith getting his practice on before everyone else shows up.  Thirty minutes later, than people started to showing up and than it was on. Evan Smith doing gap over-crook to back 180 out on the quarter, Tom Asta popping huge nollie heelflips off the bump, Matt Berger doing front tail / kickflip out on the elevator ledge, David Gonzalez busting lean air over quarter pipe gap and everyone was just killing it on Media Day.  



Next Day, we woke up early, grab some breakfast, smoked a spiff and head to LA for Street League. This time, traffic was a breeze and we got to San Pedro in good time.  We checked in, head to the course and got to work. This time, only skater shredding was Cody McEntire getting his practice on before everyone else got there.  Twenty minutes later, everyone started showing up and right away got to practice. Chaz Ortiz throwing down a front smith down the rainbow rail, Ishod Wair popping back nose blunts on the high quarter pipe, Cody McEntire doing huge kickflip fakie on the quarter and everyone was killing it in practice.  It was time, the doors open and all the rug rats ran in to claim their perfect spot to watch Street League. We claimed our seats to left of the quarter pipe ( perfect spot ). Street League starred and everyone was hyped, there was some good skating going down, Monster girls were just killing it with their looks, Security wee being jackasses, and it everyone was having a good time. Only issue was the judging, they need to get new judges because these  judges sucked bad.  They favored some skaters ( no names ) on the score.  Just put it this way, It came down to Nyjah Huston & Luna Oliveira, each had one last Best Trick. Nyjah is up and the whole place boos him hard core, Nyjah rolls in and tries to do a trick on the rainbow rail and bails, everyone cheered.  Luna turn and the whole is quite as a mouse, Luna rolls in hits the bump and pops a Switch Bigspin Heelflip and rolls away smooth. The place goes insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Final Results:

1st place- Luan Oliveira

2nd place- Nyjah Huston

3rd place- Chaz Ortiz


Diamond Best Trick:

1st place – Matt Berger


Thank You Street League for the invite, we had a blast.  To see more coverage of Street League head to our INSTAGRAM ( truesk8boardmag ). Sit back with a cold one and check out the photos from Street League’s contest in Los Angeles at the USC Galen Center.  All photos by : CaliCarl aka Carl Carpentier / Write up by: TZ

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