Spencer Brown







When u start skateboarding and What got u into doing it ?


I started skating around 1999 – 2000. All of my homies from the neighborhood introduced me to it and Iv’e been addicted ever since



What was the video that got you hyped and you had to watch it before each shesh.


There are so many; Photosynthesis all the 411 videos and Daewong vs. Rodney Mullen round 2. The list could go on forever.



Whats your shred stick consist of ?


size 8 Lockdown board, M class silver trucks, Fkd bearings and 50mm Bones wheels



Whats the craziest encounter while out skating ?


Stabbings, shootings, junkies OD’ing on the side of the street. I am Baltimore born and raised and anyone that knows my city understands that these things happen on a regular basis.



Who or what team are you hyped on ?


Lockdown skateboards, Vu skateshop and TC ” The Crew” out there in Michigan.





Whats your ideal skate trip and who would u want on the trip?


I just recently went to Barcelona and it was one of the best experiences ive had on a skateboard. I have to get back there as soon as possible. China would be cool as hell. Im really motivated by being in the urban atmosphere. Its easy to feed off of that type of energy and the feeling of being able to skate from spot to spot is a huge part of the reason why I enjoy it so much. If I could get a crew together to go film and hit the streets it would be all my homies that i skate with on a regular basis and a filmer that’s down to put in that work.



Whats your go to trick that determines how the sesh goes?


I wouldn’t limit it to one specific trick but warming up with flat ground and the basic ledges tricks is essential for keeping my Sword sharp. I like to run through all the stances with each trick. So basically if I do lets say a hardflip, i want to get it reg, switch, nollie and fakie. Ill play a lot of games of skate and things of that nature to keep it fun.



Hubba girls or hooters girls?


shit.. Both! I dont discriminate ……Im trying to kick it, peep a calendar and eat some hot wings.



What is the best about skateboarding? Whats the worst?


The best part about skateboarding is that it brings people together that probably would of never met each other. Skateboarding defies all of societies bullshit stereotypes like race and class. I would say the worst part is how the general public views it.



Any shout outs or hate outs?


NO HATE! I want to shout out my family, anyone that has the heart to skate through these ice cold east coast winters, Vu skateshop , Lockdown skateboards, silver trucks, fkd bearings, Jslv , Bob over at Nike , Jason Maxwell , Gary smith, Brian Wenning, Monty, Bundy, Cody Cepeda and all my Michigan homies, everyone i skate with here in Bmore, Cali, Philly, NYC and anyone else i forgot to mention. Peace!  B.Hess





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