On Friday, May 12th at the Grove of Anaheim, Vans helped sponsor the 8th annual Skateboarding Hall Of Fame.  The night featured a legendary list of inductees including Bob Mohr, Russ Howell, Shogo Kubo for the 1907’s, Vicki Vickers & Kim Cespedes for the Women, Mike McGill, Eric Dressen for the 80’s, and Daewon Song for the 90’s.  Sonia Catalano was inducted for her continuous contributions to C.A.S.L.  Shogo’s son accepted his award on his behalf.  Steve Caballero had the honor of introducing and announcing Mike McGill, and Rodney Mullen had the honor to do the same for Daewon Song.  Jim Phillips accepted the award for his artwork and lifetime achievements dedicated to Santa Cruz and NHS Distribution.  Kevin Thatcher accepted the award on behalf of Thrasher Magazine for almost 40 years of contributions.  All the legends were there… Steve Olson as host of the event, Christian Hosoi, Steve Van Doren of Vans, J. Grant Brittain, Z-boys Jeff Ho and Glen Friedman, Lance Mountain, Geoff Rowley … the list goes on!  The humbling gratitude in the air was contagious.  The vibes were high.  Old friends were reunited and stories re-lived.  What a great way to celebrate these wonderful athletes, who helped shape the industry the way it is today. – TS

PHOTO BY: Tyler Stewart