How I miss working at a skate shop. I worked for almost my whole life at one  till about 4 years ago. When you first work at a skate shop it seems like all your paycheck went back to the shop. All the newest gear ,decks , etc .Years later after being a buyer you get hooked up by all the companies to push product. Your the guy that helps push the trends. The more  you get in the industry you find it is a business. As you begin to realize what you saw when you first started is so different after you discover the real business side .  Every company needs to make money in order to survive , do demos , pay pro skaters and make more product you love. Another thing about working at a shop is what you have accomplished. You have not only further the skate scene but you have influenced many skaters . keeping them for the most part on the right track . Helping them to get sponsored , giving them a place to go when they have no where else to hang or go. You are a mini theropist getting them throw growing pains . You are making friends for the most part with customers that may last as long as you skate and beyond. Last but not least is if you get the right shop and employees you have what may be the best for everything . What do I mean ? It does not matter whether the shop is a stand alone or in a mall. It matters if you have people that actually skate or do what board sport they sell in the shop. Each of these individuals will have a personality that draws that certain customers. Where I worked in Miami at B.C. surf and sport I believe truly we had the best of all worlds . just because it was in a mall everyone that worked there skated even if they surfed . Every single employee I worked with had a unique way and was very passionate at what they did. Customers would come back always because of that. And That’s what makes a shop . Thank you skateboarding. —Blair Hess