Titus has been a pivotal member of the German skateboarding scene since day one and now has a large online presence and numerous brick-and-mortar stores.

 Starting from humble beginnings in the late 70s, to running the annual World Cup of Skateboarding up until the early 2000s (one of the biggest skate contests of all time), to the founding of the charity Skate Aid – which uses skateboarding to improve the lives of the underprivileged – Titus Dittmann is the textbook definition of a renaissance man! 

 Titus started selling the skateboards out of his apartment in 1978 with his wife Brigitta. It was hard to get your hands on a skateboard in Europe in the late 70s and early 80s because skateboarding hadn’t gained any true recognition yet. A teacher at the time, Titus Dittmann traveled to California and bought some skateboards and accessories for himself, his friends and his students in Germany. That’s basically how his general idea of importing decks and other skateboarding goods to Europe came about.


Since then, Titus has come a long way as a company and a brand. What started out as Titus simply selling skateboards out of an apartment in Muenster, Germany, grew into a company with over 35 local shops in Germany, a European online shop called titus-shop.com in several different languages and an extended team of over 150 skateboarders throughout Germany and the rest of Europe. Now, Titus’ son Julius has taken over the family business and is bringing the Titus experience to all of Europe: @titus sells skateboard hardware and streetwear clothing as well as producing exclusive Titus skateboard decks, and @litestrucks makes skateboard trucks, Titus wheels, @titustornados bearings and Titus streetwear for its skate team and customers. – Titus