Fairly new and growing fast, Nothing Usual is located in the heart of Downtown Santa Ana. The shop sells everything from shoes, boards, clothing, the selection is unlimited. The merchandise is new, unique and made there at the shop. Nothing Usual not only is the name of their shop but their philosophy as well. Ultimately they want to stand out, be different and be recognized for pushing the culture of the skating lifestyle into every product they create and sell. The owner of the shop, Francis Ignacio, designed the shop to his desire giving the shop a welcoming vibe to every local and outsider that visits.

Francis’s fundamental goal for the shop is to incorporate the culture of skating more than just making a buck. The wood pushers of the city are stoked to have Nothing Usual there where skate shops are limited and the skating community is growing every day. If you are ever in town give the shop a visit. You won’t be disappointed. Follow them on Instagram: @notus.xyz  – JD