The Dirty. Straight up, u gotta be from Hawthorne, CA to even know what that means. To the skaters here- The Dirty- is everything! JJ -from JJ’s Skate Shop 11923 Inglewood Ave., Hawthorne,CA  90250 ph#310-973-2889 def knows what’s up. He’s been spreading the word since June 5, 2006 when he opened. The shop has a nice team helping him out: Mario Saenz, Diere Stephens, Boy, Joseph Avitia, and Uriel Esquivias(among others) are out in those streets!!! 

Check em on the web: and give em a follow on the Insta: @jjsskateshop  My man wanted to give shout outs to so many people who have helped his family run business-so I had him hit me with a few: Big Shouts to Furby, Theotis Beasley, Louie Lopez, Antwuan Dixon, & Andrew Pott. Props, real skaters supporting a real skateboarder. Peace. – Berto