Powerful words to live by if you of the positive type. Moving forward, on yo hustle, never backing down, or going backwards! This happens to also be the New York state motto. These words- Ever Upward- are taken to heart by the brovas at Belief Skate Shop 24-01 29th St., Astoria, NY 11102 ph# 917-832-6491  The owners started up in the summer of 2010 and Raffie Gordon and his brother Phil and also Jimmy Collins have steered the ship that has Queens, NY on lock!

Their team is stacked and spreading the word, among them: Joseph Gil, Alejandro Batista, Karim Callender, and Victor Reyes.  Give em a follow on the Insta: @beliefnyc and the web beliefnyc.com  The shop carries only the dopest products that my NY brethren require. I saw a couple things I need! Roll thru and see fo yo self. They DEF got that NYC hustle. Peace.  – Berto