If you are planning on visiting Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, a must see is Stalin plaza, the infamous skate spot with marble ledges. Five minutes from this place you can find Darkslide, one of a few real skateshops in Czech Republic and definitely the biggest one in town. You are welcome to check out the holy room filled with tons of quality decks, trucks, wheels, hardware, shoes and everything else you need for skateboarding.

Darkslide.cz started as an online shop in 2012 and a few years later opened a retail store. You can find it near the metro station Hradcanska, on line A, just search for address Muchova 3. What is special about Darkslide? They try to make everything real and work for the local skate scene as much as possible. Darkslide supports its own skate team, films videos, travels on the tours, builds DIY spots, organizes the contests, you name it. Darkslide is also the Czech/Slovak distributor of Polar Skate Co., therefore you can find a wide range of these prestigious goods in the shop, accompanied by other top US products, and also the local brands such as Charge Skateboards and Socket Hardware.

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