When Barrio was first born it was 2012, we started out just helping a friend out and it was also a chance for us to show our love for the upcoming and growing skate scene.
After a short time, we started to work closely with Zoo York. Such as Collaborations, events and even video parts from Steven Schmidt who became a rider for Zoo York.
Things were going really well and we built up a good connection, over the time, we worked on a lot of successful projects together. But unfortunately for both parties, shortly after,
our work with Zoo York was soon over because the distribution for them had stopped flowing in Germany.
After this, we decided to be more independent and do our own thing. It’s great right now because business is growing faster than ever, Barrio has been ran by the homies for the homies since the beginning. It’s a great place for the locals to come and hang out with a beer or a mag/skate dvd. Just like how it should be. I mean not to point fingers, but often I see other shops and places that are not like us and they are not so welcoming to skaters who want to just hang out, talk shit and have a good time.
It’s more business, and of course business is important when running a shop, but it’s not everything.

Showing your love for the scene and putting in whatever effort necessary to see the enjoyment and passion grow for skateboarding is what it’s all about.
Berlin has had a lot of skate shops over the years, and it’s so sad to see how many have had to close their doors and shut down to the public.
Everybody who’s involved in the scene in and around Berlin show us so move love and appreciation its really cool to know we are doing positive things for our community and we hope to carry on in many years to come. From everyone here at Barrio – We Thank You <3