It all started in 1994 – as a small shop Andegrand in the center of the Szczecin city, no more than 30 square meters. Quickly the shop became a “mecca” of local skaters and fans of rap music. A shop was growing and we needed more and more space. Right now the store has more than 500 square meters on two floors. 

We wanted to connect people who share a common passion. So we create – portal associated with skateboarding and music. We supported a lot of events. 
Our commitment and activities aimed at promoting skateboarding have been rewarded many times. For example, DC has honored us with “My DC Crew” badge and put us on the list of top European skate-shops.

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Andegrand Skateshop 
Bohaterów Getta Warszawskiego 24
70-302 Szczecin

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