In March 2015 Alta Vista Skate Shop was established in March 2015 just a little south of downtown San Antonio. They didn’t think the skate shop was actually going to grow as fast as it did.  It grew so large with a customer base that they ran out of space and had to relocate 10 months later

They carry a lot of the major companies except for FA/Hockey, Call 917/Bianca Chandon and Palace.  What they don’t have, they make it up with local companies. They are the only shop in San Antonio that carries a lot of the local companies ( Southtown Skateboards, Country Club Company, Cat Palace Skateboards, Elevate Skateboard Company, Norwood skateboards ).

They are located at 114 Broadway in San Antonio Texas. They are located just two blocks from the Alamo and is convenient to a lot of downtown skate spots. We are open 7 days a week Tues-Sat 12-9pm and Sun-Mon 12-7pm.  If you’re ever in San Antonio,  stop by and chill on the couch and say hi.- Paul Francis / Alta Vista Skateshop