So today I decided while waiting for my friend to meet up for a skate shesh I went to the vans store to look around. I entered and first thing I noticed was  one of the employees looked at my shoes then quickly scanned what I was wearing. So of course I said “you were checking see if I skated didn’t you”? The employees reply was ” yes ” . It made me think about how nowadays you really can not tell who really skates and who doesn’t. Skateboarding is so mainstream now that a lot of people see skate shoes and wardrobe as fashion wear. When I first started skating skateboarders had a distinct look and style that if you saw anyone wearing said items it was a given that he or she skateboarded. Shoes were the dead giveaway . Ollie holes, ripped up shoe laces, duct tape ,shoe goo, and type of brand of shoes would also determine if you were a skater back in the day. Almost as if it was a secret society and skate shoes were the secret code . The most recognized shoes when I started Etmies,Airwalk,Vans, and Vision Street Wear. Today with alot of skaters and people now wearing NikeSB,Vans,Addidas, Dc and Etnies It is almost impossible to tell since they are marketed to the masses . To this day always funny to me that  I still do the shoe check as well. —Blair Hess—