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Name and where you from?

My name is Sean Bosnyak and I am from Münster, Germany.


Years skating?

I’m skating for 4 years now.


Who are your sponsors?

My sponsor is ZOO YORK 


How did you come to these sponsors?

I send  a street part to the European marketing team of ZOO YORK and they liked my own style. I was using ZOO YORK Boards before I was sponsored from ZOO YORK a long time ago.


What’s your set up consist of? 

ZOO YORK Board, Thunder trucks,  Bones wheels, Bones Bearings (Reds), Diamond Supply Co. hardware, ZOO YORK Griptape 


How did u get into skateboarding?

I started skating when I was 10 years old. I wanted to get a skateboard for my birthday and my uncle bought one for me. I just skated for one month because everybody was playing football and I was also trying it. 2 years later I came back into the skating scene and now I think it is better than any other sport. I am practicing every day and I quitted any other sport and was skating from that moment on.


Who is your favorite skater?

My favorite skater is Chaz Ortiz


Favorite spot to skate?

My favorite skate spot is the “Steingymnasium” in Münster. It’s our local spot with ledges.





Best thing about skateboarding?

The best thing about skateboarding is to be free! You can skate whenever you want and that’s great. But I also like to skate at contests.


What were the best trips you went on, thanks to skateboarding?

I never went to any big skate trips yet, but I often drive whit a couple friends to contests or to cool spots or skateparks.  It’s fun that I can be a part of the German “COS Cup”. So for this contest I went to different cities all over the country and that’s really nice. Thanks to ZOO YORK for making this possible


What are your best results?

My best result was at one contest where I won the best trick contest with a laser flip down a big gap with the last try. So that was really cool and awesome for me


Worst trend in skateboarding?

I don’t know


Any good skate stories?

It was the story about the ‘laser flip’. It was at a contest weekend and on Friday there was a ‘lil best trick contest’ on a 4 stairs gap and I did a laser flip down that at the last try. And one day later there was the same best trick contest but at a much bigger gap and I also did the laser flip down with the last try and I won the contest! So I was really happy about the result.


Whats your goto trick at any spot?

My Goto trick at a gap is a Backside 180 and at a ledge spot or something else I like to do a couple Frontside 5-0s and backside Tailslides.


A Perfect day, what would it be?

A perfect day for me is to wake up late, to eat something in the morning and than going outside and just skate with friends all day long, to chill and to have some fun


Shout outs hate outs words of wisdom?

Thanks to my Sponsor ZOO YORK for supporting me and shout out to all my friends and to my family. And for everybody who wants to skate, just do it and have fun!! – B.Hess



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