Schmatty  walked up to Marquise Henry after our interview in front of The SPoT. He had just fallen on his ass. The pain was still so fresh in and inhibiting of his lower back/buttocks region that he couldn’t locate what specific area he had hurt. I took this as an opportunity to interview him. To ease the pain of sitting down, we moved from the wooden picnic tables and had a stand up interview.


EC-Where are you from?


SC- Born and raised in Hawaii. Live in L.A now.


EC-At what age did you start skating?


SC-I probably got a board at like 5 or 6 but I started to get really into at like, 9.


EC-Who got you into it?


SC-I got a couple of homies from school that skated so I would just skate their boards.


EC-Was there a big skating scene where you grew up?


SC-No, not really.


EC-What was your favorite stop on this Kayo tour?


SC- Probably Atlanta. We got a couple of homies there and they got the DGK playground out there. It was a good time.


EC- How many people were on the tour?


SC-There were probably like 25 people. We have two vans. It gets pretty crowded with all the luggage, boards and products.


EC-Who’s your closest buddy on the team?


SC- Probably Lenny. We’ve been rooming on the tour.


EC- What are other things you really enjoy doing?


SC-I like to hang out, just kick it. I’m not really a drinker. I don’t like to go out to the bars, get wasted and shit. Did, done that. I just like to kick it and get some chores done.


EC-There isn’t a huge pile of dirty laundry at your place?


SC- Nope. I’m clean.



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