Ryan Chaney






When did you start skating and what got you into it?



Well I started skating 7 years ago when I was 10, my friend Pete got me into it and gave me his old board and I’ve been skating almost every day since 




What was the the video that got you hyped and you had to watch before every sesh?



Transworld “A Time to Shine”, Enjoi “Bag of Suck”, and DC Aus. Tour 06




What does your board consist of?



Lockdown Ronson deck, Jessup Grip, Independents, Gold and Bones Bearings




Whats the craziest encounter you had while skateboarding?



Well one day i was deciding whether i wanted to skate my local park or the roller rink in Leonardo, I went to “Nardo” where I encountered Brian Wenning and Richie White, we started talking and it turned out that they were filming the interview (which is infamous for Brian quitting Selfish) and we exchanged numbers, started skating and what not. A few months later I’m on lLckdown. I’m pretty stoked I decided to go to Nardo’ haha




Who or what team are you hyped on?



I’m hyped on Ronson Lambert joining the lineup. I use to study his tricks instead of doing my homework haha. I’m hyped on Expedition One, they have such a gnarly team






Whats your ideal skate trip and who would you want on the trip?



Well I don’t travel very often, in fact I have never even been on a plane yet, haha. I would say Jon Pine, my buddy frank, a few other heads and I our heading to Cali




Whats your go-to trick that determines how the sesh goes?



Switch heel, but sometimes I’m just not feeling certain shit. ya know!




Hubba  or Hooters girls?


Hubba girls for wheels, Hooters girls for food haha 




What is the best about skateboarding and what is the worst?



The best is thinking about a trick you could never do, and landing it first try. Just the way you pictured it. The worst is trying one trick for days maybe weeks without landing it till you dwell on it, to the point where you can’t even fall asleep 




Any shoutouts or hate outs?



Shouts out to my parents sisters niece and brother, who have always supported me, my best friends Pete White, Ronnie Lynch, and Brandon Mcgeorge. Richie White Jr, Brian Wenning, Prime the Prolific One, Nasty Nas, Wu Tang, Frank Castineira, Joe Collison, and derek bogner. Last but not least, mathew J. Adams, rest in paradise buddy. – B.Hess



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