In this part outbreaks, and virginia beach are shown. Also check below for the full interview on russell etheridge.
Who’s your favorite skater?

My favorite skater would have to be chris joslin or jaws, possibly because they’re willing to charge and put all other tasks aside.
Where do you aspire to be in 5 years?

I plan to still be skating and making money any way i can.

First hookup or board sponsor?

My first and only sponsor is pungo board house, they got one of the best mini ramps in virginia beach, a perfect place for learning new shit.

Favorite spot?

My favorite spot is WRV cause all the homies are there and being able to take a break chill with the homies and skate is a good combo.

Best trick?

My best trick depends on the spot, but if were talking flat ground, probably my fake bigger flips. Also on vert I ove pulling some kick flip indies.

Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to Pungoboardhouse, and my filter cory “vacollective” for making this happen. Also thank you mankind for making skating possible.
-Russell Etheridge

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