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What got you into filming and photography?

Long story short, I basically was working a dead end job in Pensacola and knew there was something better.  Went to California to visit Kris Markovich, found a job filming while being a drunken idiot at a party.  Went back to Pcola, packed up my car and moved to Cali.  If it weren’t for Kris and his family I don’t think I would of survived.  To this day I still thank them.  Thank you  Markovich’s

As for photography, I just picked it up through filming.  I always tell people photography is my hobby, filming is my job.

Did you have any schooling or was it just natural ability?

No school, self taught.  I just ask a lot of questions, and did a lot of research. Started off with Avid, then Media 100, and now Final Cut.  I think I just did whatever I had to,  I just never wanted to go back to that dead end job.

Which do you like better or do they both have a different kind of feeling to you as far as excitement or enjoyment?  

I get really hyped when a guy has been trying a trick for hours, just getting beat down, and finally they land bolts and roll away.  Shit I probably get more hyped than they do.  I also love traveling, seeing new spots, skating spots that have never been skated.  Another thing I like to do is, when traveling I’ll wake up early and go out on a little tourist mission

You lived in Florida then moved to California. What’s the biggest difference in skating compared to Florida?

I started skating in Pensacola, some of the best times of my life were spent there.   As for the difference… the only difference is the weather and spots.  Florida is pretty brutal with the heat and humidity, somehow growing up skating there didn’t bother me, but now I’m spoiled with this Cali weather and there’s tons of spots here.

Who helped you out when you first moved ?

Kris Markovich flew out to Pcola to help me drive out to California.  Him and his family took me in, put a roof over my head, and food in my belly.   Like I said before I can’t thank them enough.

You have been friends with Markovich for a long time. What’s the best description of his skating and him?

I think all the kids skating now should look up Kris’ name on youtube.  Fast as fuck, skates everything, and has a heart of gold.  

Tell me about filming the 411 days?

I filmed/editing for 411 from 2000-2008  One of the best places to work, got to travel the world with different teams, got to see some of the best skateboarding go down, worked my own hours.  It was a dream come true.  RIP 411VM

Any crazy stories or incidents while filming then?

I was filming with Stacy Lowery about 8 or 9 years ago here in Long Beach, it was a Saturday afternoon, and this dude walked up to me, asked me what I was doing, pulled out a gun put it in my face and told me to give him the “fucking” camera.  I obviously did, he then kicked me and told me to get the fuck outta there.  I took off running and yelling “He’s got a fucking gun!!!”  He then ran over and took my Bolex 16mm camera, and Chris Ortiz’s brand new flashes.  Dude took off down the street with a VX1000 and a gun in one hand, a 16mm and bag a flashes in the other.  Scary shit.  About a year later I moved to Long Beach, and my Mom was like, “isn’t that where you got robbed at gunpoint?”  Yeah but what are the chances of that happening again.  

I got to film some of the best dudes/tricks in skateboarding.  

How did you get hooked up with Etnies and Element to film for those guys?

After 411VM went under, I got picked up with Element.  They needed a filmer and wanted to do a video for their shoe line.  We started “SOLE” but then after they stopped the shoe program we decide to rename the video to “TRIO”  Working with Element was another great time, I got to travel and work with my best friends, from the skaters to Johnny Schillereff.   Now I’m working for Etnies, which is a whole new chapter in my life.  We’re working on a video project that I’m really hyped about, it should be releasing at the end of the year.

You have a website tell us about it?

I finally got with the times.  It took me way too long to get a website.   I started a blog about 5 years ago and named it Keep On Pushin’  (http://www.rickithedude.com) after trying to figure out a domain name for my website, I found that Keep On Pushin was available. Got in touch with Josiah Gatlyn, because I heard he made websites, told him I wanted it to be super simple, nothing too flashy and BAM!  http://www.keeponpushin.com was born. 

You just recently had a skateboard accident what happened ?  

We were in AZ for a Red Bull shoot, it was our last day of the shoot and we (Sheckler, Zered, Decenzo, and Pudwill) all decided to bomb the hill back to the house we were staying at.  I was on my filming board so I couldn’t speed check with the big soft wheels.  Dude, I was hauling ass, I caught up with Zered and right when I went to pass him on the left, he turned into me.  He had no idea I was behind him, because my wheels were so quiet, we both went down.  Apparently I hit the front of my head on something, like a knee or elbow.  My eye turned black and instantly swelled shut.  I later sent my wife a photo, and she convinced me to go to the hospital.  Once I went, they discovered I had fractured my skull, had bleeding and bruising on the my brain and put me in ICU for 10 days.  It was really gnarly.  The funny thing is, I didn’t even want to go to the hospital.  It was my wife and Sheckler that made me go.  Thank God I listened.

What did the doctors say to you about the injury were they like better quit skating?

Hahahaha, nah they just told me to wear a helmet.  Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen.

A bunch of people did alot of things to help you out. Did you ever think that anyone would do that and how did it make you feel?

I was blown away on how much people did.  When you go down skating, you never think someone is going to help out, it’s just part of skateboarding.  You fall, you get back up.  I really can’t thank everyone enough for helping me out.  Hopefully one day I can return the favor.

How are you doing so far?  

Doing good, back to traveling.  Just got back from China where I actually got hit in the head by a board while filming.  Cut the back of my head open and had to get 5 stitches.  I couldn’t believe it, I’ve been trying to do all these things to prevent me from hitting my head and I get nailed with a skateboard.  

You been to couple of Tampa Pro. What is the one thing that sticks out in your mind about your experience of Tampa Pro?

The Tampa Pro contest have always been a good time, it’s the only contest that’s  left that is like that.  Pure skateboarding, pure beer drinking, I tip my hat to Schaefer hopefully he’ll be the Mayor of Tampa someday.

Any pro that you would love to film but have not yet?

Mark Gonzales!  As a kid he was the first street skater I looked up to, I remember taking pictures out of Thrasher and taping them to my folders at school.  I’ve met him, but never had a chance to film him.  

Favorite pro you have filmed past or present?

Kris Markovich obviously.  Chad Tim Tim just because of our past, Nick Garcia and his cousin Julian Davidson.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2013?

Not hit my head anymore.

Any shout outs or words of wisdom?

Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. – B.Hess



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