Redbull Bomb The Line 2013

Red Bull’s Bomb The Line Contest returned to Berlin’s Baustelle, and with thousands of people pushing the 50 top skaters in attendance, the resulting lines were almost too smooth and steady to be true. Congrats to this year’s winner Alec Majerus!

1. Alec Majerus, USA | Frontside 180 Switch Crooked Grind, Hardflip, Nollie Frontside Feeble Grind
2. Manny Santiago, USA | Kickflip 50-50, Kickflip Backside 50-50, Impossible Lipslide
3. Youness Amrani, BEL | Frontside Nosegrind, Nosegrind Transfer, Switch Feeble Grind
4. Kelvin Hoefler, BRA | Kickflip Frontside Noseslide, Caballerial, Nollie Nosegrind
5. Felipe Gustavo, BRA | Switch 5-0, Switch Frontside Flip, Nollieflip
6. Mark Frölich, GER | Frontside Noseslide, Transfer to Backside Lipslide, Backside 180 Fakie Nosegrind
7. Barney Page, UK | Frontside Tailslide to fakie, Halfcab Boardslide 270, Frontside Halfcab
8. Ryan Decenzo, CAN | Frontside 180, Frontside Flip, Nollie Heelflip
9. Axel Cruysberghs, BEL | Backside 5-0, Frontside Flip, Backside 360
10. Wilko Grüning, GER (no info)

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