Recycled Art Tribute to Sean Cliver & Ray Barbee

Once your deck is mushed or broken doesn’t mean the end. You can turn it into something that can be used again. I was doing art shows and wanted to set myself apart from other artists in the shows I was doing. I was always called the skater dude which I am not sure if it was a compliment or not. Then I was looking at my old decks one day and thought why not make art out of my old decks . What a no brainer so I started with some small star wars stormtrooper cut outs , then my own versions of weird creatures . People were digging it . The thing that I wanted to do is make my art so that you can feel and touch it. Just feel the rawness of a skateboard and its griptape. So I would do deck cut outs and make sure a person could touch and feel the art with out some snotty person yelling “DON’T TOUCH THAT ITS Art” ba humbug jerkface. I think stuff like art should be enjoyed by all your senses sight,touch,smell whatever to get the full effect. One of my favorite artists and great skate design for a graphic was by Sean Cliver. He did Ray Barbee’s rag doll graphic which was the first graphic and street pro I seemed to relate to. A few years ago I drew Clivers graphic on my griptape in 3 primary colors . I finally met Ray Barbee and he saw my board and was hyped on the colors I used and stoked I was into Seans graphic. Now think a minute Ray is one of my favorite pros since I first saw him in public domain now to see and hang with him and he be so hyped on my art drawing of a tribute to Seans original work yes (fan boying out inside cool on outside). So I made one out of recycled decks . I changed just a couple of things like added Vans shoes  just a Tribute to Sean Clivers work. Thank You Sean Cliver for such a great graphic and also the insperation in creating something out of nothing. Here are some pics start to finish of the Barbee deck tribute I did, Please check out for yourselves the amazing art of Sean Cliver and watch Ray Barbee skateboarding and listen to his  music both very insperational on all levels.unnamed (6)unnamed (8)unnamed (5)unnamed (11)unnamed (11) unnamed (10)unnamed (12)unnamed (13)unnamed (14)unnamed (15)unnamed (16)unnamed (17)unnamed (18)—-Blair Hess—

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