R.I.P. Beach Banks

unnamed (3)Have you ever found a spot that was such a great spot. No getting kicked out and the ground is good to skate on. The beach spot where I live down in Ft Lauderdale was such a chill and cool spot to skate. For whatever reason this banked area was constructed as they were working on the road at the beach. At first it was suppose to be a ramp to get to the beach but they always had it chained up so what was the point. We descovered this driving by one day . And many a sessions went down. What was great about this was noone really cared about us skating it it got to the point where joggers would run by and say whats up because we see each other everytime we were out skating the spot. Even though it was not the easiest to carve up and hit it was fun for sure. Even Riley Hawk when he was down had to get a trick on it. This photo of me skating was two days before we drove back and saw  it all in rubble. I knew once they were done with certain part of construction that this was gonna go but didnt think quite so soon.  They put handrails in and reflectors I thought might be a chance it was gonna stay. So rest in piece beach banks you will be missed.    Photo:Blair Hess Photographer:Jen Ohrn.

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