Part 7 ; Medford / Hood River / Multnomah Falls / Portland (again)

We left Ashland the same day we got there, for Medford Oregon. We figured we might as well, because it was super close. So we gassed up, and dipped down within about 30 – 45 minutes. We immediately saw why it was affectionately nicknamed “methford”. I honestly dont personally remember much. When we got in, we hit a sweet ass thriftstore there, got some good stuff…and puttered around. We realized early that Jack’s Board House was there…and decided not to set up shop. We don’t like to feel like we’re stepping on people’s toes in their own backyard, so we kept to ourselves and skated it. But! When you first get there, there’s this CRAZY dead tree covered in skate shoes that kids have slung over all the branches. Old skate decks hung from ratty old shoelaces dangling in the wind. Any kind of footwear you can think of, abandoned on the dead bare limbs. The benches themselves are also crazy big skateboards. I loved that. Probably because I’m a girl and I love cute shit like that.

The benches were adorable.

The benches were adorable.

Right before we left, we also met the kids from Pure skateboard Company, and kicked it with them in the parking lot for a good minute. The rest of the day; I’m pretty sure the rest of the day we just got some food, and found some cassette tapes and chilled while it rained a little bit and I sang abunch of old EN VOGUE songs to Jeremy from the passenger seat. But that night….we parked in Medford. Right outside this little playground. We snuggled all nicely into our sleeping bags. Everything was good. We were happy and our bellies were full. About 2 hours later at like 1 am, I awoke. ABRUPTLY. There was a man. And he was screaming bloody murder.

I sat up. “Jeremy” …I whispered. “JEREMY LISTEN”. I was getting nervous, and shaking him awake at this point. There were dogs howling and barking about a block away, and this dude was screaming for about 30 seconds at a time. Basically until his breath ran out and his voice was fading. It was terrifying. Somewhere in my head of being half awake, I was convinced that this dude was being torn apart by the dogs.
Jeremy opened one eye and didn’t move. “WHAT.” He sounded pissed.
“Do you hear that? Someone’s screaming out there!” …The dude had stopped screaming. Jeremy yelled at me to go back to sleep and leave him alone, before he rolled over and fell back asleep. It took me a good chunk of time to get back to sleep, but as soon as I did; the man outside was screaming again. The dogs barked. A car alarm went off in the distance. It sounded like the fucking apocalypse outside. And I was half awake, so it was even more terrifying.
This time, when I opened my eyes…Jeremy was facing me. Wide awake.
“I HEAR IT.” he whispered.
“I TOLD YOU!” I hissed back, pulling my sleeping back around my chin.
We lay there falling in and out of sleep while the man screamed every hour on the hour. We decided the next morning that he must have been going through withdrawls in the park that night or something. There was no other explanation for that weirdness. We were piss tired the next day, as we drove back through Ashland, and on to Portland. We were heading to Idaho..and stopping some new places on the way. But…we were REALLY trying to get back to Portland. My friend’s at SKATE JAWN in Philly had sent me a box of their magazines to distribute at shops along the way. We had them sent to Portland while we were there the first time, and ended up booking it south before we had a chance to grab it. So we needed to scoop the goods.

Portland was rad, the second time around. Probably because it wasn’t raining. We re-upped and skated the mini ramp at the Unheard Warehouse. I absolutely love that place. I even picked up a new setup for myself, there. Bones wheels and a Lifeblood Minishred. (I’m child sized. I need a kid board.) The dudes really looked out.

Unheard pickups. My new baby.

Unheard pickups. My new baby.

What a better time to hit Burnside, too. Right? So we dipped over to it. We met up with the guy who owns 151 skateboards, and Frank well as some others who were just tearing it the fuck up, in general. It was really hot out, and I made a few sales while Jeremy skated with the dudes. At some point, this business man came up to me, asking about Burnside. I explained how big it was, and how many people flock to it. He had no idea. He was one of the contractors that were tearing part of Burnside down, to put an office building basically where half of it stands. This guy seemed almost amazed at how influental Burnside was. Jeremy came over, and helped me tell him about it. We gave him a Skate Jawn and sent him on his way. He told us he was going to tell his head of office about the things we said, but that section of it still got torn apart after we left.
So it was really random, anyway. Because Jeremy and I decided to go get some burritos, and hit another park on the other side of PDX. While we were driving, I looked at my facebook and saw that Frank Shaw had said something about leaving Burnside and hitting the park we were on our way to. I had no idea we were facebook friends. We got there, and he was fucking KILLING shit. He took some photos for some pad companies, while we watched him bounce off the walls of this giant bowl on his board like he was made out of flubber. I’ve never seen someone skate that fast and aggressive. My eyebrows were up, and my head was shaking the whole time. We had a yummy ass cookout there, that day. Met the dude who owns Plague Hardware, as well. He hooked us up with EXCELLENT self made Portland Style hardware. We’ve been carrying it with us our whole trip. Everyone loves it.

We tried to holler at the people at POLER OUTDOOR CO, in Portland…but the chick at the counter was hella rude and pretty uninterested in the fact that we were doing everything that her company represented. We continued onwards.

We were ready for Idaho, and all sorts of stocked up. So we stayed at Jer’s friend in PDX one more night…took a shower..and hit the road. I tried to adopt a puppy, and it didn’t work. I tried to adopt a puppy in like..every town that we stayed in..but it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t really do it.

Watching Frank rip shit up

Watching Frank rip shit up

Hood river, Oregon was a very “bro” town. Lots of windsurfing, kayaking, rock climbing, microbreweries, and everyone drove a Jeep Wrangler. The skatepark there, though. It was TOP notch. I mean…magnificent. It was wooded, and probably one of the funnest places that I personally skated the whole time. Jeremy and I can both agree on that. Top 5, high-fidelity style; for sure. When we pulled up, we met this kid who was actually a professional skiier. He was KILLING it on an old school deck, and watching him shred was so much fun. He later told us that he was actually living in a tent on the nearby mountain, and came down to Hood River to skate. We got alot of love, there. This was one of the many places that we stopped, where people would tell us that “they had thought of our idea way earlier”..but hadn’t done it. We didn’t have any money when we started it, or shit to our names…so it was a poor excuse every time we heard why someone had thought of it and not done it. We absolutely loved Hood River. It was seriously a WELL built park, with nature in mind. Shrouded by trees…with a lot of foliage built into it, and accounted for. The views of Hood River, themselves were incredible.

We spent the day there, and spent the night at the SKETCHIEST rest stop. We parked under the lights, right in front of the bathrooms where the cameras were pointed…and fell asleep. I woke up a few times that night to old people shouting about having to pee, and stuff of the sort that you hear at rest stops in the middle of nowhere. The next day, I skated the parking lot of the rest stop while Jeremy cooked me breakfast on our butane stove. Yummy ass sausages and eggs. We planned on going to another park, right by there..but there was a fee to get across the bridge, and we just wanted to get on with it.

Then, we hit Multnomah falls. It’s a giant waterfall outside of Hood River. Jeremy promised me icecream, somewhere along the way…so we pulled over on the left side, and parked on a weird island where you walked under the highway to get to this crazy view. We jumped out of the car, and immediately ran into an older couple who were interested in the truck. Turned out that they ran a mobile business, as well! They showed us their mobile photography studio / home that they trailed behind them. It was beautifully built. Golf cart generators. A full sink. A big TV. They were in their mid 50s, and we exchanged stories and laughs. We all walked to the falls together, and parted ways. We always have serendipitous things like that happen to us.

Not sure how I look so bucktoothed, but here's Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

Not sure how I look so bucktoothed, but here’s Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

We hit Pendleton Oregon skatepark, lastly. (Right before the border of Idaho and Oregon.) We met one kid who was about 18 years old, and looked like the guy in the FRANK costume in Donnie Darko. He was pretty damn good, and the park was well made. The only weird thing about it, was that it was across the road from a maximum security prison, kind of in the middle of nowhere. There were signs all over the place that were like “dont pick up any hitchhikers” and whatnot. We made a few sales. I took some video…but I was almost blind the entire time we were there. The pavement was the brightest white, and my eyes were NOT ready for it that day. They don’t dialate, in general sometimes. So I was a little bit useless on that forefront. We hopped in the truck and booked it through, to Nampa Idaho. My baby brother was having a hip hop show, that night. He’s pretty badass on the mic, so we wanted to show our love for him and his talents. It’s not often that a brother and sister are on two different tours for two different things, and they intersect. We had to meet up.

Pendleton, Oregon

Pendleton, Oregon

Before we got there, Jeremy and I pulled off on the road and found some crazy animal / possibly human bones on some railroad tracks on the border. Pretty sure it’s just sunbleached deer spines that had been there forever. We just ate some tostatas while staring at a pretty vast expanse of not much at all, and chewed our food in silence.

It was a good feeling. It was hot, and we were on our way to our third US state. “Maybe this crazy ass Caravan thing was really working”, we thought. “Maybe we can ACTUALLY make it east…”

Next is Idaho…..All in the name of shred. Always and forever.

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