Where did the inspiration for your latest video come from?

For each project, we like to create and stick to a theme. For our new EP ‘Cabal’, we followed a theme of “interpretations of identity”. For example, what is it like to modify your identity to appeal to someone else, or an experience where you have misinterpreted a person’s character? It’s a common theme that everyone can relate to, but at the same time its very internal. It’s experienced by everyone but is sacred to us personally.

“Make Believe” takes cues from that theme, as shown in the video. We follow a girl who is struggling to settle on how she wants to be seen. She is persistent in changing herself.

Was there an idea for the video that you initially wanted to go with other than the current one?

Given our situation at the time, we had a super narrow timeline. So, we suffered from the benefit of not having time to challenge ourselves with several concepts. We wrote, casted, shot, and edited the video in 8 days. Mark, producer, has been a long time film director and writer, so he ran with an early concept and here we are.

If you could add one more member to the band—ideally a famous musician (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

We wouldn’t mind recruiting Tommy Lee to lay some heady drums over a few tracks. Also, his advice on how to live with Hep C could potentially be helpful someday.

What’s your dream venue?

Red Rocks because obviously.

Which one of you eats the most pizza?

5+ years ago, we probably all lived on pizza exclusive diets. Now, I don’t think any of us really get after like that. We’re either maturing or got bored of it. Dunno.

Would you rather sell out The Staples Center or sell out Madison Square Garden?

The Garden!

You have an EP ready for release, did all of the songs you wanted to be on the EP make the cut?

Actually, yeah, pretty much. We don’t write a ton of tracks. Rather, we spend a lot of time on one song and constantly evolve it. Version 1 of the song usually sounds like an entirely different song from where the final version ended up. I think its due to us being really excited by the craft of a song while also simultaneously having creative ADHD. We like to sweat the details so we don’t like to kill of tracks, but we easily get bored and want to try new things which makes us evolve our tracks.

Play a show in the freezing snow, or the sweltering heat?

The heat, all day. In Milwaukee, we can get below 0 degrees in winter and above 100 in the summer, so trust us, the cold is worse.

Do you guys ever play cover tracks—if so, what’s your favorite one to play?

Not often. We have played covers of people like Tom Petty and Prince to pay homage but otherwise we exclusively play originals.

Pick one band to headline an international tour with:

Frank Ocean… And if he’s not available then A$AP Mob is our second pick.

Lastly describe your music using three words all starting with “N” (for No, No Yeah Okay).

New, Nipply and Notincrediblyarticulate