No Grinding or Skating!

unnamed (2)unnamed (1)unnamedThe funniest part about being an adult and skateboarding is no matter how old you are you still get kicked out of spots like a kid. Remember when you first started skating and you had all these spots you used to go to. Last night we went to a few old spots . Some of them were still skate stopped but then we came upon this old bank spot. I think we got a whole 5 minutes before we were kicked out. The lady was nice but the funny thing about it was the sign that was on the bank.” NO SKATING OR GRINDING”. The bottom of the sign had in small print “Warning this property has been treated with skatestoppers a walkway abuse deterrent system”. I had to laugh after reading this if you see in the picture there is only a sign which I guess would stop anyone from skating this Not. I guess they didnt get the memo this is not skate stopped but hey score fore us. I must say the wording of this sign is great “A walk way abuse deterrent system” . All the years I didnt realize I was abusing the cement that they have people making these signs .Thanks for sharing I guess spots have rights I am now Wishing I was there when the guy who made this sign was so serious and telling the owners of the building “This will stop all the skating”. If you see a funny no skateboard sign send a pic in or tag Truesk8boardmag # Lurkmodesquadstupidskatesigns on  instagram.

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