You guys have a unique sound that seems to fuse grunge with some classic rock sounds. Did that happen naturally or was that the idea when your formed the band?

Soraya: I wouldn’t say that we had an idea for the sound of the band when the band was formed, I would say the sound took us in its own direction. I think now that we have a sound figured out, we have a duty to stay consistent to it while evolving.

The video for your single, “Mr. Bloom,” is very trippy, and has funky, fun energy about it. Where did that idea come from?

Jacob: The song is more of a “rocker” than the rest of the album. The lyrics are the only ones on the album that aren’t personally about Soraya but a book character. We didn’t want to try to recreate the book in the music video, so we just tried to think of something fun to do.

If you could compare your sound to any bands, past or present, who would they be? 

Jacob: We all like different stuff. I love the Killers album, Sam’s Town, but we’re all obsessed with Radiohead, The National, Queens of the Stone Age, Fiona Apple, etc.

“Mr. Bloom,” is the second single from your upcoming album, In Dreams. Would you say that it’s a fair representation of what we can expect from the album?

Soraya: I would say it is. It might be more upbeat than the rest of the songs, but it’s a good representation of our album.

What was the process of recording In Dreams like?

Jacob: We worked with genius producers at two studios for 6 months.

Soraya: Long, stressful, and rewarding.

A lot of artists must cut down and decide what makes it onto an LP and what doesn’t. Do you feel like all the songs you wanted on LP made it there, are there any that we’re going to have to wait for?

Soraya: When we started working on the album we had 25 songs. We significantly whittled it down, but we’re working on some of those discarded songs for the next album. I had a few favorites in that pile that I’m personally rooting for!

You guys played a sold-out show at The Echo in Los Angeles for their Play Like a Girl series, was that exciting, nerve-wrecking, what were some of the emotions that came with that performance?

Soraya: It was my favorite show we’ve ever played. I don’t get nervous before shows anymore, but I remember feeling a little nervous because I was recovering from a serious fever. But as soon as I realized my voice was working, it was pure excitement and energy. I can’t wait for every show to be like that.

Do any of you have any rituals or routines right before a show?

Soraya: The night before a show I drink 1-2 cups of hot water with honey and lemon juice. Then the day of a show I usually stock up on water bottles and do my vocal warm ups. That’s about it though!

Jacob: Can’t speak for everyone else in the band, but I usually won’t eat before a show, and I try not to think too much about it. I like going in with a fresh head and see what happens.

Do you plan on dropping any more singles or videos before you release In Dreams? 

Soraya: We do! We just finished filming another one, and we’re all excited for the release.

What else is going on in the world of Night Talks?

Soraya: Lots of stuff! We’re currently working on the next record, and playing shows! – AH