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What is Next Up Foundation?

Next Up Foundation is an non-profit skateboarding organization which mission is to mentor kids through skateboarding, teaching them life lessons and creating young leaders. People who will make a difference in our communities inspiring others to do the same and of course sustaining and increasing the participation in skateboarding.
When do you create this?
Next Up Foundation was founded in June of 2009 however we started our pilot program in Anaheim,CA in partnership with the Boys&Girls Club in August of 2010.
Why did you create this?
I created this because I want to make a change in our community. I want to help make a positive change in our communities and this change starts with our youth. Maybe our generation won’t see the change but our grandsons will and that’s my
purpose in life. I am a dreamer. I want to contribute with our communities in the best way I can. Next Up!
 Where are you based? 
We are based in Costa Mesa however we have our pilot program in Anaheim , a program in Santa Ana at the Sierra Preparatory Academy (middle school) and we are expanding to a third location which will be Long Beach. All three locations in partnership with the Boys&Girls Club of each city.
Who is behind Next Up Foundation?
I am the founder and president. Andre Genovesi is our vice-president, Austin Black is our Secretary and Lisa Timmons our Treasure. Then we have our board members Josh Friedberg, Matt Piercey, Ian Ray and Jessica Knopp and our friends and volunteers like Vitor Borger who does the majority of our videos filming and editing…There’s a lot of people behind the scenes. I would take too much space here to mention all the names…but they know who they are and I am EXTREMELY thankful at all of them!
What’s in the future of this?
To expand to as many locations as possible and then to build our youth center. Next Up is a model to go everywhere!
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