Garage rockers, Kinky Rhino, released their new video, “Garage Roque,” from their debut self-titled EP. Comprised of members of The Blue Man Group, Kinky Rhino dives head first into the rock world, and creat ” fast-rising outfit’s fuzzy brand of rock.”(Under the Gun ReviewWATCH “GARAGE ROQUE”

Alternative-rock duo, Of Clocks and Clouds, drop their new track, “She Had to Go” from their forthcoming, self-produced album, Better Off, due out July 15th. “Delivering a slice of rock reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age– channeling hurt and emotional grief through some aggressive and intensifying music. (The AU Review)

Hard rock quartet, The Giraffes, drop a new video, “Washing Machine.” “It’s a bizarrely sexual clip filled with a masked woman, a glammed out couple vomiting glitter and some pretty nifty subway pole dancing moves among other striking visuals.” (Loudwire)  WATCH “WASHING MACHINE”

Alt-pop/rock trio, Heavy Static, and their new track, “An Evil That Hides” from their forthcoming EP, Here Comes the Fear, due out July 22.  Having been band for only two years, Heavy Static have already been named “Artist of the Month” by The Deli Magazine Toronto.  LISTEN TO “AN EVIL THAT HIDES”

Alt-blues rocker JACK BERRY released his LP, Mean MachineConsequence of Sound raves, “The track charges ahead like, well, a bull, powered by a particularly nasty riff that reaches its foot-stomping climax in the chorus…[Berry has]  a voice that could scare the venom out of a rattlesnake, Berry is poised to break through to the mainstream with Mean Machine.” LISTEN TO MEAN MACHINE 

Alt/rock collective THE FLUX MACHINE just released their new album Louder! The band’s in-your-face blend of blues and alt rock teeters the edge before reeling you back in to its frenetic sound.” (Pure Volume) LISTEN TO SQUARE UP “Edgy hard rock sound, both electric and raw…” (National Rock Review)

Urban hard-rocker, Bizzythowed just released his  new video, “Life is Here,” from his latest EP, Blank Check, Volume I. BIzzythowed also played guitar with Grammy-award winner, The Weeknd’sBlank Check, Volume I is “an audio representation of a ’90s Bonnie and Clyde driving in a hot-wired jalopy through the Sonoran Desert. ” (Mass AppealWATCH “LIFE IS HERE” 

Dark alt-rock act, THE BLACK ATLAS is  just released  his new EP Equinox,  the final installment of a series of EP’s  “New York City’s The Black Atlas deals in a type of metal that could sit comfortably between legendary bands like Isis and Neurosis, or contemporaries like O’Brother.” (Substream Magazine)  LISTEN TO EQUINOX