Nate Benner and Dave Mull





What’s your name and where are you from?

(Nate Benner) My Name is Nate Benner and I am from Vermont, originally from Southern Vermont (Bennington), but I have been living in Burlington for the past four years and I love it!

(Dave Mull) I’m Dave Mull, also originally from Bennington, now living with Nate in Burlington and my parents in Manchester while teaching snowboarding on the weekends.



How did you get into skateboarding?

(Nate) For me, Skateboarding started when a friend came to visit from Oregon. He brought a Baker Skateboard with him and he could do Ollies and Kickflips on the porch outside my house. At that point in my life  I had tried all sorts of Sports and none of them were that fun, but this I thought was amazing and a ton of fun to do, so I stepped on and haven’t stopped since.

(Dave) I’m the classic “first board for Christmas” deal, but since there’s usually snow here around Christmas time, I didn’t start skating until later after I had seen a kid ollie up a curb in the movie “Teenage Witch.” After that my older brother, Charley came home one day from school having just learned the ollie; when he taught me I was hooked.



How long have you been skateboarding?

(Nate) It has been around Eleven Years.

(Dave) Thirteen years.



What are your current sponsors?

(Nate) Vermont Skateboards, Talent Skatepark, DC ( rep flow), Matix ( rep flow), and The Worble

(Dave) Vermont Skateboards, Talent Skatepark, Jib This and The Worble





Where is your favorite place to skate?

(Nate) I love to skate anywhere, but when it is cold outside I love Talent Skatepark. Traveling and experiencing new spots is one of the most fun things in skateboarding for me.

(Dave) In Vermont woods, North Shore in MASS, Boulder, Grand Canyon, SF, Baton Rouge, Muir Woods, Minneapolis and late nights in Talent Skatepark.



What’s the hardest thing about being a skateboarder in Vermont?

(Nate) In Vermont, you’re always at the whim of Mother Nature and that makes it really difficult to skate outside sometimes. It can be sunny, rainy, snowing, and windy all in the same day. That being said, I think Vermont has a certain aesthetic appeal you can’t really get anywhere else and some of the most unique spots in the World. The community here is amazing so I can’t really complain too much.

(Dave) Gravel, rain, cold, loneliness.



Can you explain what “The Worble” is?

(Nate) The Worble is an amazing group of friends that I have been so blessed to be a part of. We have more or less always skated with each other and made videos, but after making a few full length videos we decided that we were going to start making more unique videos, mostly sparked by Tom Mull’s sudden interest and amazing talent with a camera. He is the one really responsible for most of the editing and filming in the videos you see. It’s super amazing to be a part of The Worble because I get to be part of some of the most fun skateboard filming ever, and it’s always something unique. Something I really enjoy.

(Dave) The Worble is a wild, ongoing discovery and rejoicing of the world, usually through the medium of a skateboard and camera. Search “From the Borders,” “Tree Rail” or “A Duet” on


b houran


How did you get in with Vermont Skateboards?

(Nate) I heard about Vermont Skateboards when it first started in Southern Vermont by some really good dudes and immediately they picked up Steve and Dave Mull for obvious reasons. I have been skating with those two for a while now and I appeared in many of the videos for Vermont Skateboards and at some point I got on! Facilitated by my work at Talent Skateshop and with the help of Hannah, one of the owners of Talent.

(Dave) First and foremost, we were friends! Thanks Ian, Huck, Zed and Paul. I skated with Huck in high school, and Ian always opened up the iced-over doors at Stratton Mountain in winter where there are some ramps hidden and sheltered from the rest of the world.



Are you currently working on any new projects/videos?

(Nate) We are always working on videos. Filming as much as possible, but one specific and big thing we are working on is a full-length video coming out this Spring, which I have a full part in. So I am working on getting some last minute footage for that.

(Dave) Yes, The Worble full-length! Premiering in May at at least three locations in Vermont: Manchester, Rutland and Burlington. It’s been a real trip (literally) filming for this one.



What’s the most memorable moment in your career so far?

(Nate) At this point, I wouldn’t really consider Skateboarding a career, but more of a passion. There have been so many amazing moments filming, competing, and exploring that it’s hard to pinpoint a specific moment without just choosing the most recent amazing thing. I’d say some of the most memorable moments for me have been the Cross Country trips I have been on the past three years, getting a job coaching at Talent, and skating a tree in the middle of the woods while filming with The Worble.

(Dave) There are so many! Skating on packed-down hiking trails in the northwest, getting stabbed by twigs while skating in the woods of Greensboro, VT, meeting people on our trips, driving sundown to sunup…I could write a book if you’d like?




Is there anybody you would like to thank or give a shout out to?

( Nate ) There are so many people that have done so much for me. This list could be endless, but I would definitely like to give a shout out to my Dad, my Mom, my Sisters, Hannah and Dave at Talent, The Worble, Mike Tallone from DC, Chris Piatek from Matix, Ian Kirk from Vermont Skateboards, the Mull family, Seth Frey, My Adventure buddies (Kristen Carra, Albert Farrara), the staff at Talent, Cody and Collin Hale, the girls on Loomis Street, Albert again, and anyone else I have ever skated with or spent time with.

(Dave) My family, Vermont skateboards, Talent Skatepark, The Worble, Vermont – D. Dattilio



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