Skateboarding brings the creativity out in skaters themselves. Skate tricks are an art form in its own as your mind developes the skill to create a trick and put it down on the street or ramp. Also skateboarding lets you create on griptape as well. You see an idea in your head and the passion becomes a reality as your skateboard is a moving canvas. I recieved this Street Plant deck and immediately thought 80’s grip style. I thought it would be cool to do grip like back in the day. So I proceeded to do that. Then after I was done I noticed it would be cool to take a photo not realizing the street makes a great background canvas as a photo. So now I have done two creative things without even expecting the beauty of what has happend. So skateboarding is what I call a moving canvas always. You are always creating in your mind and on the board. If you have any pictures of such art on your grip send them to and I will try and share some in next few weeks-Blair Hess- ( please give your name with the pics of your gripwork)