Miguel Taylor





When u start skateboarding and What got u into doing it ?


When I was 12, my friend had a toys R us board that we would take turn practicing Ollie’s on in my drive way



What was the video that got you hyped and you had to watch it before each session


Then: baker 3 or this is skateboarding

Now: the cinematographer project               



Whats your shred stick consist of ?


Lockdown deck 8.25, thunder highs, 54 bones stf (they’re probably 52’s now)                                       



Miguel Taylor 2 copy



Whats the craziest encounter while out skating ?


I got punched in the face driving my friend home after skating spots all day and night and being young and dumb we may have been yelling obscenities out the window and one guy took it the wrong was chased us down and introduced his fist to my face after forcing my car off the road… That juices up guido may have won that round but ill never for get hahah



Who or what team are you hyped on ?


Lockdown, Eddie “snake” henriquez, pat rumney                                 



Whats your ideal skate trip and who would u want on the trip?


Tranny spots with the homies and some nuggets                                            



Whats your goto trick that determines how the shesh goes?


SS FS Rock



Hubba girls or hooters girls?





Miguel Taylor



What is the best about skateboarding?   Whats the worst?


The existence of skating is the best part about it, injuries and fly outs are the worst



Any shout outs or hate outs?


Look mom I’m on the Internet , Fonkledonk meng – B.Hess



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