Matt Miller


Matt Miller



Matt Miller and I walked away from the scene looking for a quieter place to talk just as everyone watched and cheered on a boy doing front and back flips off the wooden rails and into the moat that in just 20 minutes filled up enough to cause the boy no injuries from his jumps. We stopped to talk around the corner. The shouts faded only slightly.


EC-Where are you from?

MM-California. I live in Encinitas, California.


EC-When did you start skating?


MM-When I was 12, almost 13.


EC-What got you started?


MM-Me and my friend just found an old board in one of his mom’s friend’s garage. And then, we basically just started riding down a little slant all day. Sharing one board. Then his mom went and bought us both completes.


EC-So you didn’t really know much about skating, you just found a board?


MM-Yeah, we just found it and just started doing it and we got into like crazy. That was all we did.


EC-What was your favorite stop on this tour?


MM-All of them were super fun but I have to say Tampa. I’ve been coming here since I was younger. Tampa is always legendary.


EC-Where were you last GSD?


MM-I was in Europe.


EC-What’s another thing you really like doing?


MM-I really like to golf…when my wrist is okay, because I keep falling on it.


EC-Golfing is really different than skateboarding.


MM-It’s different but it has similarities at the same time.  Like skateboarding, you can’t perfect it ever. It’s endless learning. It’s the same with golfing. You’re never going to be good at every shot but when you hit that perfect shot it feels like you just landed a trick.





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