Matix Product Review


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Have you ever bought clothes from Gap, Old Navy, and any other clothes store in the mall. Don’t they fit or the style is whack cause that is how they feel and look to me. When I buy a pair of Old Navy jeans they fit weird but for a example: Matix just dropped their spring 2013 line ( Gripper Twill shorts, Lomax Button up, Helloha Tee, and a High ‘ N Dry Snapback ) and let me tell you they fit perfect and look very clean. My opinion  is that skateboard brands get us but non skateboards brands don’t. Its just funny how the fashion world tries to copy our swag. I mean we set the trend in the fashion world eyes.  The next time your out and about watch what the fashion world puts out cause you will get a little laugh out of it. – t.zam





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