The Boys and Girls club visit MATIX HQ to get some shredding on their mini ramp

Matix had to say this:

“We are pumped to introduce the Holiday ‘16 Compton Surf Club collection. To celebrate, we got together with our local friends over at Dwindle Distribution and threw a ramp party for the Compton Surf Club at our headquarters in Compton, CA. What follows is a video account of Matix skateboarders Reemo Pearson, Jared Cleland and Dwindle’s TJ Rogers day of passing on the craft to a new generation. When all was said and done, the members of the Compton Surf Club walked away with brand new complete skateboards and we walked away amazed that we had taught kids who didn’t even know how to skateboard to drop in. Thanks to Almost, Enjoi, Darkstar, Zero, Cliché, Tensor trucks and Andale bearings for hooking the kids up.

About the Compton Surf Club: When Matix moved to the Compton neighborhood, we were looking at ways to embrace and simultaneously expose the youth to the things
that inspired us to build our lifestyles and brands – surfing, skateboarding and art. Learning new skills, building self-esteem and keeping at risk youth off the streets of our local Compton neighborhoods through our boardsports and street culture are the pillars of the Matix Compton Surf Club. For this project we have chosen to work with Roy W. Roberts, II Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club. A portion of proceeds from every Compton Surf Club item will help support our ongoing volunteer efforts with the Club. When we don’t hit the beach the Boys and Girls club visit MATIX HQ to get some quality time in at our ramp.” –