Our first stop of the Maryland Skate League of 2016 was on Saturday, February 20th at Charm City Mason Dixon Skatepark in Rising Sun, MD was a huge success! It was the first skate contest ever to happen at the brand new facility Jason Chapman of Charm City Skate Park recently built. We had 32 skaters enter total, in 3 different divisions. We had people enter from MD, NJ, PA, VA and DC.

In the Intermediate (13 and Under) Division – Logan Kirshak (9 yrs old), was throwing consistent kickflips over A frames, Logan Nader (9 yrs old) dropping in from the huge quarter pipe, Donovan Padilla consistent boardslides and Matt Woda landing some solid 360 flips. Moving to Intermediate (14 and Over) the level of skaters really increased dramatically. Cole Michael, Nick Stone, and Erick Lopez were all throwing down some amazing bangers. You’ll have to see the full video to get the whole scoop. For the Open/Sponsored divisions, I can’t begin to tell you how sick these skaters were. Andreas Alvarez -Age 16 (Sponsored by One Collective Clothing) won this division. He nailed most if not all his tricks, clean and with style. A close second came Dylan Gallagher (Dimebag Bearings, Atlantic Skateboard Company) Throwing down nollie kickflip shifty’s over the A Frame. Third Place came Matt McCauley (Get Gnarly Skateshop) who was powering through the course, killing it. Fourth came none other than the Charmcity ripper Tyrone Henderson; It’s really hard to tell when he’s skating regular or switch, 5th place came Matt Summers (Dimebag bearings) and 6th place came Arjun Shah (One Skateboard Company, Pro Skateboard Shop, NS Bearings). All I can say is you had to be there.

Stop 2 coming up: April 30th @ Sunnyside Skatepark in College Park, MD