Marquise Henry


Marquise Henry




I watched Marquise Henry start to move away from the beating Florida sun, towards the picnic tables under the metal shed. His baggy tan pants looked a dark brown around the knees from his sweat. He looked ready for a break so I approached him for an interview.


EC-Where are you from?


MM-Southern California, LA.


EC-At what age did you start skating?




EC-Who got you into the sport?


MM-A couple of buddies of mine. I used to play basketball and run track and a couple of buddies of mine that I was running with got me into.


EC-What’s the best video you’ve seen recently.


MM-Shit, the DGK video.


EC-Tell us about that.


MM-We went all over. State to state, filming everywhere. It took them like 3, 5 years.


EC-What’s your favorite video of all time?


MM-I have to say the Mouse video. Girl and Chocolate video.


EC-What do you listen to?


MM-Kendrik Lamar, Jay Z. A little bit of Kanye. Everything basically, except country.


EC-No country?


MM-No, I can’t get down.


EC-Who’s your closest bud on the team?


MM-They all cool. They all my homies you know what I’m saying. But I’m going to have to say, TX is the one I hang out with the most.


EC-Do you think of tricks while you’re at a spot or do they ever just pop into your head randomly?


MM-Shit. That goes both ways.  If I’m at home chilling, watching TV, I could think of something. Of if I’m at a spot I could get inspiration from watching the homies.


EC-What else do you love other than skateboarding?


MM-I’m gonna have to say art. Drawing.


EC-What kind of stuff do you draw?


MM-I’m into portraits, faces. I like getting all the details in the face, making it look as realistic as possible.


EC-What was your favorite stop of this tour?


MM-New Orleans because I’ve never been there before. It was cool seeing Canal St, checking out the different stores.


EC-The food?


MM-Definitely. Crab cakes. They got the bomb crab cakes there.


EC-What are your plans for when you get back?


MM-Shit. Just filming.


EC-What are you filming?


MM-Just a little part I’m putting together. Top secret!




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