Marcus McBride


Marcus McBride



While I was out in front of the park, still preparing and researching information on the guys, Tommie Zam walked up to me and introduced me to Marcus McBride. Not fazed by the fact that he was co-founder of DGK, quite frankly because I wasn’t aware…yet; I started a relaxed conversation with him and I made up the questions I’d use that day as I went, questions like: “When did you join the DGK team?” The soft spoken Marcus let it slide with a subtle correction.


EC-Where do you live?


MM-I live in Atlanta and California. I go back and forth.


EC-You’ve got a house in each place?


MM-I have an apartment in Atlanta and a house in California.


EC-At what age did you start skating?


MM-I think I was 13 years old?


EC-What got you into it?


MM-my friend he was like riding a skateboard, doing tricks, making it flip. I was like ‘Damn, that looks cool I wanna know how to do that’. He was basically doing ollies. I didn’t even know what an ollie was.  So I just got interested


EC-Where is this Kayo tour going?


MM-Basically this is the last stop.


EC-So where did you go?


MM-We went to Houston, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, now here.


EC-How long was that?


MM-It was only 11 days, it was a fast tour.


EC-What was your favorite stop?


MM-I think it’s going to be this one. I like the skate park a lot. I haven’t been here in a while. 


EC-Nice. Tampa gets a point. Besides the DGK’s Parental Advisory, what is the coolest skate video you last saw?


MM-The Pretty Sweet video.


EC-What’s your favorite video of all time?


MM-Man, there are so many. Umm. I like an old video… Tim and Henry’s [Pack of Lies]. It’s a Blind video.


EC-When did you join Dirty Ghetto Kids?


MM-Stevie and I started it in ‘02, or ‘03. So ten years ago?


EC-What is something else you really like to do?


MM-I like to eat.


EC-Do you cook?


MM-I try to. I’ve been trying to learn. I be watching the cooking channel to learn that way.  I know how to make fried chicken and stuff like that. My mom taught me how to make that.


EC-What’s the hardest recipe you’ve tried off the cooking channel?


MM-I tried to make this cake once but it was whack.


EC-Baking? That’s not easy! I don’t even try it.

MM-It just came out terrible. I didn’t know what I was doing



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