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Whats up its 2013 and im out here to call out all the bullshit fake ass things wrong with skateboarding. I will be nice and somethings im just going to give a piece of my mind. I know we all think it but just need someone to say it. There has been alot of whoring skateboarding around. Stupid ass products coming out by non skateboarding companies and a whole bunch of bullshit going on. Sure people got to make a living but after reading some of the stuff that went on in 2012 I think its time to start calling people on their shit. I love skateboarding and the fact that I get little johnny telling me to do a trick when the little bastard is riding a kook ass longboard and is wearing slide gloves on flat ground is just the dumbest thing so I will be calling alot of that shit out as well. People time to shut yo mouth and skate and quit being a pussy. No more crying about your bushings squeeking,or your board doesnt turn right or your bearings are to loud break dat shit in shut up and stop complaining and go learn a real trick . If I offend you to bad fuck off if you like what I say then welcome to the Lurk Mode Squad !

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