You just dropped a video and track with Joyner Lucas and before that, a track with Mick Jenkins. You’re definitely coming out swinging, why did you choose to collaborate with those two artists in particular?

Both those artist make music that have a similar vibe to mine. They’re both lyrical yet capture their listeners with distinctive melodies. Furthermore, the homie Joyner is a MA native like myself so it was only right.

When was it decided that you’d be going on tour with Joyner Lucas?

Actually a week right before the tour started I was asked to jump on board with them. I didn’t see it coming but everything worked out perfectly and it was a move that I think will be pivotal in Boston’s current come up in the music scene.

You also have a couple shows with Nelly lined up—that’s crazy. How did that happen?

Yeah those Nelly shows are going to be dope. My label just knows how to pull strings and good music isn’t hard to market.

The video for “Deserve” is fairly simple but it has an aesthetic and vibe that works perfectly for the track. Where did the concept come from?

I collaborated with the homie Matt Arnold aka M9 visuals, and we both bounced ideas off of each other to come up with a final plot that was representative of the “come up” and all the doubts, issues, and hardships artists and people in general have to deal with when pursuing a dream.

What’s the message you people to take away from the track “Deserve?”

I want people to know that no matter how hard the road, if you believe in what you do, have determination, and never give up, you will succeed in whatever endeavor it is you choose to pursue. We “deserve” this life every step of the way because it is what we make it. 

You’ve got a lot happening right now, what else do you have coming up that we should keep watch for?

I have a new album dropping Nov. 3rd, wait on it.

If you could collaborate with some more artists in the future who would they be?

It would be dope to make something with Jaden Smith, Travis Scott, Russ, and probably even Cole. There’s a lot of people I can see myself making music with.

Who are some of your personal music inspirations?

I’m inspired by the artist who push the message of “being yourself”. Bob Marley and John Lennon often come to mind, but honestly Im inspired everything and anyone. My greatest influence is my own mind and how it breaks down the world around me.

You’re getting ready for a show, you’ve got music playing in your dressing room to get you hyped—what’s playing?

Probably some La Flame, maybe even some Rae Sremmund or Tory Lanez. On my best days, I’m listening to myself.

Is there anything else you want your fans to know about Kyle Bent?

You’re witnessing history in the making. – AH