Lately I have been hearing this word and seeing it in social media between a lot of skaters so I thought I would give a couple definitions what KOOK means . We as skaters have always used this word to describe someone who is either not as good as someone else or trying to pose as a skateboarder. I am not alone in thinking or saying this to someone. So to better give you an idea of what the definition was I posted two photos of it. Basically if you go with the original definition we as skaters are all kooks . If you think about it most skaters are strange and eccentric have their habits . I mean we grip our boards a certain way ,can’t have certain color deck plys ,or any number of ocd type things when it comes to our skateboarding. If you think about the last part CRAZY we are all doing something on a little plank of wood in itself is crazy to think is possible to the normal eye. Think of the stairs skateboarder’s skate down and all the tech and gnarly tricks that go down. As for the urban dictionary a kook is a poser. Now let’s explore that because we try to emulate skaters all the time so we are posers until we can master skateboarding. Also in the way we dress we emulate our favorite skaters to a certain extent .So at one point we all were kooks and posers and on another definition we are still. It is the way you take the definition is how you perceive it. So next time you start calling people kooks think about how it still can apply to you doesn’t mean its bad or good just means we are skateboarders and we are crazy ,eccentric ,and strange in our own way. —Blair Hess–