How’s it going? We appreciate you taking time to talk to us today!
Thank you it’s a pleasure to talk to you guys.

So, for some of our readers who aren’t familiar with your background, can you please let us know your age and where you are from?
I’m 22 years old from Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil.

Do you remember how old you were when you got your first skateboard and what kind it was?
I was like 10 years old and it was a brazilian skateboard with trail trucks and i think Moska wheels.

Growing up who were some of your favorite skaters to watch?
I really like watching some brazilian pros like Fabio Cristiano and Cesar Gordo.. and I really like Mark Appleyard.

Skating in Street League has gotta be surreal. How have you been getting ready for this next year?
Yeah i used to watch all of the pros from street league and now i’m a part of it.. I just finished my Ricta’s part and need to film another one in 2016 so i need to get ready but i’ve been so busy haha.

Are we going to be seeing you at the Tampa Pro this year?
Yap i will be there!

I heard you went to Europe for your first time not too long ago. How was that?
My first time in Europe as in 2011 and I went to Mystic Cup, England, Rome and i love Europe and i’ve been to a lot places like Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain… if i could i would go to Europe every month.

Where was one of your favorite spots to skate when you were over there?
I really like the city of Vigo… there’s so many spots out there, Madrid and Barcelona too.

What’s one item you have to bring with you when you’re on the road?
My skateboard of course hahaha and headphones because it makes me focus skating…some people don’t like that but it keeps me calm listening to music. 

Any other trips big trips coming up?
I going to Brazil in april doing Damn Am out there with the Tampa guys and a Rockstar Tour up north coming soon.. i want to go to China and Barcelona again to film some tricks this year.

Hell ya, well thanks again Kevlin. We wish you all of the best this year and can’t wait to watch you kill it.
Thank you so much! Thanks for this opportunity – KH