Karl Watson


Karl Watson


When the water broke loose from its cloud encasings, we took cover from the summer showers under the shed that houses the grill.  Unable to move in a small space and with the wind spritzing water our way, I found myself next to Karl Watson who was amused by the situation and happy to give me an interview.


EC-When did you start skating?

KW-When I was 11 years old.


EC-Where were you last GSD?

KW- Canada.


EC-How about the very first GSD?

KW-Actually, I was also in Canada for that too.


EC-What are some of the places you’ve gone on skate trips?

KW-I’ve been all around the world with my beautiful skateboard. I started traveling abroad when I was 17. I’ve pretty much gone to a different continent every year of my life. Australia. Europe. Japan 11 times. All around Asia, I love it. And Canada, like ten times.


EC-Which one of these is your favorite place to go?

KW-Japan. I actually speak Japanese.


EC-How did you learn?

KW-An ex-girlfriend taught me. It was easy. I’m not fluent but I can hold down a conversation with skate kids.


EC-What are your favorite skate videos?

KW-That’s a hard one. There are so many.


EC-Top three.

KW- Ban This, Animal Chin, Now and Later. All old school videos. I’m an old school guy.


EC- Who is your closest buddy on the team?

KW- I’d say Walker Ryan.


EC-When or where do you most often think of tricks?

KW-I often think of my tricks when I’m home alone at night time. All the kids are asleep. During meditation, tranquil time.


EC-How many kids do you have?

KW-I have three sons. My oldest is Elan. And Jaiya is seven years old and my youngest is Jonahs and he is 6.


EC-Tell us about your non-profit organization.

KW-It’s called Karl’s Kauses. My non profit is how I can give back to low income people in tough neighborhoods. So yeah, we just have a good time and hook people up with products.


EC-What are your other loves and passions?

KW-I love hiking. I love nature. I love all life. I love contemplating life.


EC-You also do art, right? What kind of art do you do?

KW-You did your research. I do art called Sacred Geometry. It’s art that touches on the source of all creation.



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