Julia Brückler


julia bru¦êckler



For those who don’t know where are you from?

I’m from Gerasdorf, a really small town close to Vienna, Austria.


Who is your usual crew you skate with?

My friends from our local park, best skate buddies ever!


What do you perfer VX or HD?  

I definitely enjoy watching old VX footage but I prefer filming in HD!


Fresh or Hesh?



How do you feel about park rats?

I guess I’d be considered a park rat as well. Since I work in a skatepark I get to skate there quite often even though I grew up skating only street. I really don’t care too much – just go out and skate whatever there is!


Any bizarre or strange encounters while out skating a spot?

I always try to be nice to pedestrians and random people. Once in Germany an old lady followed us about an hour on her walking stick helping us to find a spot.



Do you have any specific rituals before a skate session?

Well, I skate almost everyday but I guess thing like getting up, taking a shower and having breakfast wouldn’t count as rituals!?


Do you prefer Tranny or Street?

A few years ago I would have said definitely street but now I really couldn’t decide.


Any new projects coming up we should look out for?

Recently I was invited to compete at XGames in Austin, TX. I guess this gonna be pretty big, I’m super exited!


Any Shout outs or thanks?

Thanks to True Skateboard Mag, to all my friends and supports, you know who you are! Also a big “thank you” to my sponsors Blue Tomato, NikeSB, Volcom, Destructo, Element and Red Bull. – WG 



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