When your out skateboarding it is in your hands to spread Good Vibes. I received these pins from Enigmatik Designs and was holding them in my hand and it dawned on me it is in my hands how I make someone feel. If i’m pissed off because I couldn’t land a trick the vibe extends to others. If you are gossiping and talking bad about another skater just because they do something different or not what people consider “IN” then you are not creating a good vibe. When you hear someone doing or talking negative about someone or the way he or she skates stop them and remind them skateboarding is about fun. When you first started skating no matter what trick someone did or what they rode when you saw other skaters it was so exciting and you all clicked right away because you had something that you all were passionate about. So keep on trucking and you be the passer of Good Vibes.  – Blair Hess –