DOS Session

    “Anthony Grant, Dallas Raatz, Aaron Garoutte, Chris Barnes, Jacob Slash, Austin Winchell, Thomas Nichols, Joey Carnera, and Derrik Smed” shred the DOS Bowl    

LRG Spring 2013 Lookbook

    LRG took “Pac Div (Like, Mibbs and BeYoung), Tommy Sandoval, and Jack Curtin” up to Nor’ Cal to shoot our Spring 2013 lookbook.  Hit your local shop up to grab the fresh gear    

Jp Souza and Tropicalients Krew

    The Jp Souza and the Tropicalients krew “Jp Souza, Renato Souza, Luiz Gaida, Guilherme Trakinas and Felipe Ortiz” did some shredding at Cisco Plaza    

Winter Contest at Skaters Edge

Destruction Squirrel 666

    Destruction Squirrel 666 featuring “Thomas Hawver, Pete Clodfelter, Marisa Dal Santo, Brian Mangerson, Ryan Chlumecky, Zack Coe, Phil Williamson-Link, Nicky Glaser, Donny Hayn, Mike Ramos, Eric and Sam Karafiat, Andy Patterson, Party Frog, and much more…”  Buy Here    

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