Enjoi Spring 2013

    Enjoi released its Spring 2013 Line. So, hit your local skateshop up to grab the fresh gear for this spring      

Garrett Ginner- Sponsor Me

  Garrett Ginner sent in some of his footage and for 15 years old, he’s a solid skater! Check out his video and pass it along!   Name: Garrett Ginner Age: 15 Years Skating: 7 Current Sponsors: None Contact: GarrettGinner@gmail.com    

LiveLifeSkate Part

    LiveLifeSkate Mini Parts Daniel Mordzin

Comune Wearing Test

    Comune caught up with Flaming Shit that is a loosely assembled crew of reckless and comedic youth ” Garrett Moore, Spencer Semien, Jan Gatewood, Grant Thomas, Faheem Alaah, Max Garson, Alec Chuvarsky, Dan Hunter and Alex Bortz”. They have quickly become known as the  bad kids on the internet     

All You Need – Full Video

  Jart Skateboards will be re-editing the All You Need video, releasing a new part every Monday with new tricks and music. Make sure to watch the original video first!

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