Gorilla Supply Co.

Gorilla Supply Co. is a small brand with a big idea; bringing apparel to skateboarding that’s designed around our lifestyle. The first product they introduce is a palm pad, if you been drooling over those 12 stairs, this is what you need to protect your palms from bruises and it’s also pocket-able. Another thing they introduce is urethane dipped shoelaces, that will  keep your laces intact for LIFE – gorillapalms.com 

Hi*ball Energy

Hi*ball Energy is a certified organic energy drink with grass fed milk proteins, organic sugar / juice, & organic caffeine. Their mission is to create the healthiest energy drinks; free of synthetic, artificial ingredients, sweeteners or colors. The way they conduct their business is from their packaging / ingredients, relationships with their suppliers, customers, non-profits and athletes that believes in the brand – hiballer.com

Limitless Culture Co.

Limitless Culture Company is a brand that is built to inspire skateboarding and surfing. Their goal is to encourage everyone to push the limits by chasing their dreams and passions. What makes Limitless Culture unique? Their clothes are made with style that puts them apart from other brands & made from premium materials for that comfortable feel. By joining the movement and help them inspire those dreamers every day is by just BELIEVING – limitlessculturex.com

Vibronic Hemp Wheels

 Since 1953, Vibronic family has invented many things that were first in their market. Their goal is to develop and introduce a product unique to the skateboard world by the use of plant-based materials, they have formulated a hemp/rubber compound to be the first to manufacture a hemp skateboard wheel.They have 60 years of experience making quality parts using materials such as “Titanium, Carbon Fiber, Gold, Diamonds, Hemp & Hemp Rubber”. They now introduce to the skateboard world “White Widow Wheels” are very fast Wheels and they have an 85% rebound. – vibronic.com


Yes, finally a portable skateboard rack. BÖRDBOX keeps your skateboards and gear organized in the trunk of your car or at home. It will save you time on your shred by not dealing with a messy trunk or home to find your skateboard / gear.   – bordbox.com

Anchor Hardware

Anchor Hardware is ran by skateboarders who want to give back to what we all love, SKATEBOARDING.  Anchor is tired of the corporate bullshit product, their mission is to provide quality products for skateboarders, that is available at your independent skateboarder owned shops. That’s right , you won’t see Anchor Hardware at your mall stores.  Oneday if the industry takes a dump they will be here making it work for the SKATEBOARDERS – anchorhardware.com

HUF  x Peanuts

HUF Footwear joins up with the makers of the “Peanuts” to come out with this amazing collabo for this Holiday 16′.  In this collabo there is: Classic Hi / LO Peanuts, Spike Jacquard Sweater / Souvenir Reversible Jacket, Pigpen Coach Jackets, Peanut Socks and much more.  This is one of the best collabo that HUF came out with – hufworldwide.com 

State Footwear

With shoe wars going on in the skateboard industry ( Corporate vs Skateboarder owned ) & big media being bought out by corporate to corrupt  our minds with their ads and paying top pros shit load of money to ride for them.  It is very hard for skateboarder owned brands to survive in this industry and they are doing whatever they can to survive.  When the industry takes that dump real soon, only the “Survival of the Fittest” will be around keeping us true skateboarders going. State Footwear ( Skateboarder owned ) is making real skateboard shoes that are built to be able to perform and retail $55 at your local skateboard shops – statefootwear.com

The Skateboard Club

The Skateboard Club made the first skateboard trick ring where you & homie can play a game of S.K.A.T.E.  The skateboard trick ring  has 3 styles/colors of the rings: Silver/Silver – Black/Gold – Black/Black, stainless steel ring with vacuum plating for the Black and Gold spinning bands, 12 tricks names laser engraved into the faces of each band,  total of 24 laser engraved trick names / 144 trick combinations, it’s good  for all abilities from beginner to expert, you line up the tricks with the laser engraved dot “•” on either side for a trick to try, they come in size 10 only, & the inside hallmark says “Happy Skateboarding”.

When you buy a skateboard trick ring from The Skateboard Club, use our promo code: TrueSk8Mag to get a good deal on it & the promo code is good till December 25th 2016 – theskateboardclub.com