GO Skateboarding Day? Fuck Off I Go Skateboard Everyday.



I have been wanting to give my opinion on this for a long time . I think it is fucking stupid that we consider June 21st go skateboarding day . Now being this said let me tell you why. I go skate all the time If you are a true skater you know this already why do we need a day to have all the kook mongoons to tell us that. That is fucking stupid . Look I get it sure it helps the scene out for a day and retailers can cash in on that day and have events to celebrate. But shut the fuck up and just go skate why do you need a special day to ignite a contest or event. You create the scene most kids today don’t give a fuck anyways look at the board graphics coming out now no imagination johnny wet willy fuckin goonba doof energy drinking wheel biters have no clue all they want is generic graphics and free shit and not have to work for it . So this Go skateboarding day I will already be going skateboarding anyways so Fuck off with this nonsense .

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