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What is your daily routine?

My daily routine varies, usually I get up and check emails, do some writing/communicating/design(could start at 5 a.m. or 2 p.m. KCMO time, deepens on the day before). I only schedule important things, as to leave open space for other important things(life).



Who hypes you up these days that you are like damn they got skills?

These are some of the guys that inspire me for obvious, also various reasons, Mark Gonzales, Guy Mariano, Silas Baxter Neal, Jake Brown, Peter Smolik, Marc Johnson, Ryan Pearce(KC), Sean Malto, Jason Bontrager(KC), Tanner Greene(KC), ZACH ELDER(Joplin/KCMO), Rod Harper(KC), THE KC SCENE, Richie Jackson, John Comer, Mikey Chim(LBC), and Moose would be the newest, because for his group, I see him with a future without the need for gimmicks(if he can bridge business and skateboarding). Actually there are far more, but I do not spend a lot of time just watching anymore(it’s been awhile), these days are spend productive.



What is the ticket to keep having fun skateboarding?

The key to having fun skateboarding is to do it for yourself, regardless of who you are around or where you are. Our thoughts are all we have and skateboarding allows us to explore them physically. Insecurities are why people do not have fun. Ask the average skateboarder in SF would they rather skate a manual pad or bomb a hill, I personally will choose the hill more times than not and I’m pretty sure most would as well.



You have been doing the Park Rangers series how did that come about?

I started doing Park Rangers as a means of keeping myself in the public and as well connecting with other skateboarders. There was also the editing and artwork, the only way to get better at anything is to do it, so it’s been about 5 years(the first edit made Nov. 8 2008) and the plan is to continue. 






Who do you normally skate with at most of these parks?

When I do THE PARK RANGER SERIES(THE P.R.S.), as of the last year and a half you will see the names Jason Bontrager, Tanner Greene and Zach Elders(ZELDER films) pop up a lot because they are who I skate with here(KCMO) the most and they are others who make up THE OBTUSECONCEPT(oBt).



Is there anyone in your crew that hypes you up the most?

Everyone that is a part of THE OBTUSECONCEPT inspires me in more ways than just skateboarding, they are my friends. Each is artistic in multiple ways and do not just follow trends. I would not choose one over the other. 



How do you pick the parks to film at?

Picking parks for THE PARK RANGER SERIES is usually random. Some have been demos, so of course they were announced, but we slowly are working towards a schedule. People are starting to ask when we will be hitting up their park, which is cool, because THE P.R.S. was made for them/us=WE to build together without competition, but pushing participation in fun.



What has been your favorite so far?

That’s hard to pick my favorite park, not to mention all the parks that I skated before THE P.R.S., they now all seem to run together, although there are VERY FEW truly perfect parks(especially cement!). I still prefer street, but it is more antisocial.






What place would you like to film an episode of Park Rangers at that you been itching to skate ?

I have seen a few in Brazil, Africa, China, Australia, and Europe that I would like to do a PARK RANGER at, but we do it on nothing, so they would have to be business(paid demos). We’ll see if other people want more than just talk.



What do you think about the internet, is it the death of dvds as we know it or does it help hype up kids?

The internet for dvd sells is bad, but for those who cherish the physical over data, it’s of very little consequence. I think it helps burn trends out quicker, but most people are still just looking for the next image to copy, which means more clueless people thinking that they know what’s up(commercialism). As far as communication, the internet can be a very positive tool, once you weed through the fools. Anything that you want to know, you can source it through the internet and all from wherever you are.



You won Tampa Pro in the late 90’s, What is the one thing that sticks out in your mind for all the Tampa Pro’s you been to?

The one thing that sticks out in my mind about the Tampa Pro is that very little negativity comes out of them, they are run by skateboarders and not policed by cops or an outside security source. We are not segregated, we interact, it is humbling and inviting. I would go to all of them, but I no longer have sponsors to pay for me and what I do make goes into living and building THE OBTUSECONCEPT.



What do you think is the difference in skating and the business back then as opposed to today?

The difference in skateboarding now as oppose to the late 90s is that it is more refined, though that is mostly just surface, many skateboarders are really only good at their niche, street skateboarders(most can not skate transition well-two separations-ledges/manual and rail/gap jockeys), park skateboarders(good looking at going big on most obstacles, but usually are less technical,especially when crossing over to actual street). The difference in business is that it appears to be more professional and to degrees this is true, but ego trippers are still controlling industry views. Can you say using gimmicks is an upgrade? They did this back before I got into it. I’ve watched people that I knew grow into clones holding positions that they hate, but still will try to act happy when talking to me. I kew where greed leads…To just following faulty rules! People could be free, but you are thinking what you are watching in those commercials is progression.






Anything you got going on for the rest of 2013?

So far in 2013 we held to the production of THE PART RANGER SERIES, I have designed an released my art on various tops(t-shirts, sweatshirts, windbreakers) and we are about to release an ARTIST SERIES board and tees by Ryan Pearce through THE OBTUSECONCEPT and we’ve done demos, so keep this and new ideas moving is what the plan is for 2013, capped off with a visual reedition of the highlights! 



Any last words of wisdom / shout outs?

I would like to express my thanks to THE OBTUSECONCEPT(Zach Elder, Jason Bontrager, Dillon Aguilar, Tanner Greene, Ryan Hood, Ryan Pearce, Matthew Hawkins), we build together. Thank you to James Kolbjornsen, Sean Mcerlane and my mother, Ruth allowed me to know the value of you three. 
If you lie to yourself, do not expect anyone to trust you. Skateboarding good might mean you are good at skateboarding, but it does not put you ahead of anyone in life and not everyone that rides a skateboard is cool or even trustworthy, anybody can ride one. If you have love for no one, do not get mad because no one cares to any longer have love for you. Complaining helps no one, so if that’s what you want to do, stay home and write a blog(at least you will be productive).
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